tree installation at rose stadium

Recently, we were given the opportunity to install a tree at Tyler's own Rose Stadium.  The tree was already quite large (Over 30 feet tall) and to be installed on a very slanted hill. 


It was a beautiful August day, and we began with digging the hole and installing a retaining wall.  The retaining wall will help with drainage, run-off protection and stability.


The tree had then arrived.  Although the size may be intimidating to some, we were excited to put our equipment to good use and plant this beauty in the ground.


How are we going to get this tree off of the trailer and into the ground, you ask?  With a crane, of course!


Here's a shot of the tree being moved into place.  We've removed the planter box to prepare the tree for planting after scarifying.


...And the finished product!


Here we have it. A great addition to an amazing stadium!  Thank you for granting us this opportunity, Tyler!