Fall is the ideal time to plant all kinds of things yet when it comes to planting many homeowners think spring is the best time. Milder temperatures during initial root growth as opposed to spring planting and the harsh summer temperatures give roots a great head start.

 During the fall, a plant’s leaf and flower production is usually slowing down and approaching dormancy. Therefore, a plant can focus its growing energy on root production. Roots continue to grow when other parts of the plant cannot.

Temperatures in the fall stabilize compared to the more sporadic temperatures of the summer. The soil stays warm and the air temperature cools, and this promotes rapid root development. Trees stop working hard to produce leaves, shoots, flowers, berries and fruit and instead put the work into establishing roots.

Starting plants in autumn has advantages for both garden and gardener. Here’s more on why planting in fall can make spring gardens more robust than we might have imagined. Cooler weather helps plants and people. Plants love fall, too. Their leaves aren’t stressed by scorching sun, and cooler temps lessen the demand for water from the roots. Less watering means lower maintenance.

 You may need to water every day during the first week after planting, gradually reducing the frequency until your plant has been in the ground for one year and can then be watered on the same schedule as your other plants.